Rev. Patricia Hunter
Assistant To The Pastor
Rev. LaTrell A. Boddie
Physical Plant Operations
Bro. Frank Miles
Bro. James Robinson
Angel Cafe'
Bro. Walter Trimble
Recording Steward
Sis. Bettye Clark
Mr. Larry O. Jackson
Assistant TreasurerSis. Tyranise Harris
Steward Ministry #1 Chairman
Bro. Arnold Jackson
Steward Ministry #2 Chairman
Bro. James Franklin
Trustee Ministry Chairman
Bro. Daniel Brown
Stewardess Ministry #1 President
Sis. Carolyn Pryor
Stewardess Ministry #2 President
Sis. Ethel Kearse
Stewardess Ministry #3 President
Sis. Patty Lyde
Minister of Music
Rev. Robert Lewis, III
Music Ministry - Youth & Young Adult Choir
Sis. Gloria Brack-Ford
Music Ministry - Children's Choir
Sis. Davida Campbell
Music Ministry - Musician
Sis. Stefanie Fox
Music Ministry - Musician
Bro. Albert Lawyer, Jr.
Music Ministry - Musician
Bro. David Thornton
Music Ministry - Musician
Bro. LaCedric Wimes
Music Ministry - Musician
Bro. Jessie Lightfoot
Children's Church Ministry Leader
Sis. Alexis Barber

 Our Staff